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LOCTITE CL36, LED Curing Chamber


LED Flood Curing Chamber 405 nm UV

The LOCTITE® CL36 LED Curing Chamber a high-performance LED system for curing UV resins. The chamber is a closed system permitting manual loading of the cure chamber. 405 nm UV light from multi-directional UV LEDs and a rotating turntable ensure uniform dosing and complete penetration, to achieve the most desirable finish for all engineering resins. Variable intensity capability allows adjustment of the UV dose based on the application and resin type, resulting in optimal cured performance of the resin. The chamber utilises a touch screen, which offers a friendly user interface.

- Variable light intensity
- Two industrial 200 mm x 200 mm LED flood lights from top and side
- Rotary table up to 2kg payload
- Color touch screen user interface
- Independently adjustable digital timers for top and side LED flood lights
- Uniform intensity distribution throughout the chamber
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