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QMI 536 STOCK (7137) 5CC EFD

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK QMI536 is a Fluoropolymer filled non-conductive adhesive for attachment of integrated circuits and components to advanced substrates, including PBGAs, CSPs, array packages, and stacked die. This material is hydrophobic and stable at high temperatures. These features produce a void-free bond line with excellent interfacial adhesive strength to a wide variety of organic and metal surfaces, including solder mask, BT, FR, polyimide, and Au. The adhesive also has excellent dielectric properties. LOCTITE ABLESTIK QMI536 can be cured in a conventional oven, on a snap cure oven, or utilize Skip Cure processing on a die bonder or wire bonder. The material is formulated to produce cure onset below 100°C. This can reduce or eliminate the need to pre-dry organic substrates prior to the die attach process. Please refer to the TDS for alternate cure times.

- One component - requires no mixing
- Hydrophobic
- Stable at high temperatures
- Excellent interfacial adhesive strength
Dry Ice Shipment, Shelf Life: 365 d
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